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Introducing a visionary entrepreneur and the proud owner of an upscale seasonal cycle restaurant, we present the remarkable journey of Dana Taucher. With a passion for culinary excellence, Dana has carved a path marked by determination and an unyielding commitment to fostering a sense of community.

Family lies at the core of Dana's values, serving as an enduring source of inspiration. Dana embarked on a journey of following her dreams in life. Tragically, after the unexpected loss of her father, Dana gracefully assumed the role of raising herself and her two younger brothers with unwavering devotion, becoming an exemplary figure of love, guidance, and resilience.

Dana's ascent within the service industry is a testament to her exceptional talent and dedication. Starting as a first-time server, Dana fearlessly embraced opportunities for growth, scaling the ranks to become a skillful bartender, a trusted training advisor, and ultimately a seasoned manager. Her impressive track record includes successfully spearheading the opening of seventeen restaurants for multiple independent restaurant groups, leaving an indelible mark in Oakland and Wayne County.

Armed with a business management and marketing degree from Baker, Dana combines a can-do attitude with an entrepreneurial spirit. Her dynamic nature has propelled her to constantly explore new ventures and embrace calculated risks. In recognition of her outstanding achievements, Dana had the honor of being a featured contestant on the esteemed show, "The Blox," a celebrated platform for showcasing the greatest minds in entrepreneurship.

The concept of Syndicate is more than just a business endeavor for Dana. It is a manifestation of Her deep-seated belief in the power of gathering people of common interest. Embracing the vibrant art and music community of Detroit since 2008, Dana has fostered meaningful connections and played an instrumental role in supporting local talents, further enhancing the cultural fabric of the city.

Embracing her commitment to social responsibility, Dana champions the values of sourcing locally, supporting small businesses, and empowering women and minority-owned enterprises. As an independent project, this restaurant stands as a testament to the resilient spirit of women entrepreneurship and is proudly family-operated.

Above all, Dana is driven by the love for her community and creating a safe haven where individuals can freely express themselves and truly belong. Her genuine warmth and commitment to inclusivity create an atmosphere where guests feel not only welcome but appreciated, ensuring that every visit to her establishment is an extraordinary experience. With Dana's visionary leadership and dedication, this upscale locally focused restaurant promises to be a haven of culinary excellence, community engagement, and heartfelt hospitality. Prepare to embark on an unforgettable gastronomic journey curated by a true industry trailblazer.


Meet Janel, a seasoned bartender whose passion for mixology has been ingrained in her. At a young age, Janel discovered her calling while visiting a Sheek restaurant with her grandmother. At the age of 8, Sitting at a nearby table, her eyes were captivated by the bustling energy emanating from the bar. From that moment on, she knew her destiny lay in that environment. As a teenager she experimented with mixing different teas, and juices, creating tasty dishes and drinks incorporating herbs from the family spice rack.

Janel's creative spirit has permeated every aspect of her life. A natural artist, she seamlessly weaves together her love for mixology with her artistic prowess. Throughout her career, Janel embarked on a remarkable journey. Starting as a hostess in her late teens, she swiftly transitioned to serving tables and eventually found her desired position behind the bar. However, she took an eight-year hiatus from the hospitality scene after moving to Australia, to explore other avenues, delving into sales, purchasing and pursuing her artistic endeavors.

Despite her departure from full-time bartending, Janel's passion for mixology never waned. Even during those years, she continued to experiment and create unique cocktails, often hosting memorable gatherings where she delighted her friends and guests with her unique skillset.

For the past eight years, Janel has been an indispensable figure at a well-known restaurant and local gathering place in Oxford, Michigan. Her extraordinary ability to connect with people from all walks of life, making them feel welcome and eager to return for more. While mastering the art of mixology, she also assumed managerial responsibilities, showcasing her ability to lead and inspire her team. Additionally, Janel spent six months working at a distinguished hotel in Rochester, where she honed her skills in the realm of craft cocktails.

Janel's commitment to excellence, her artistic finesse, and her deep understanding of mixology allows for a multi-sensory experience. Now, she brings her expertise and creativity to an upscale seasonal and locally focused restaurant, where she artfully blends flavors with visual presentation, crafts innovative concoctions, and ensures a curated guest engagement. With Janel behind the bar, guests can expect nothing short of an exceptional and artfully integrated libation journey that perfectly complements the restaurant's high-end ambiance and reflects her dedication to excellence while creating unforgettable moments.


Introducing Phil Agosta, our esteemed General Manager at Syndicate. With over 19 years of experience in the Nightclub, Bar, and Restaurant industry, Phil brings a wealth of expertise and a track record of success to our upscale locally focused seasonal Cycle restaurant.

Having operated over 20 venues throughout the US, Phil has a proven ability to create new concepts and rebrand failing establishments. Beyond his accomplishments in the hospitality realm, he has also excelled in the entertainment industry, working as a production and tour manager for multiple high-profile music clients for the past 17 years.

As a natural leader with a talent for managing people, Phil's clear and concise communication ensures that our team operates smoothly and efficiently. His meticulous attention to detail allows him to anticipate potential issues and address them swiftly, resulting in a seamless dining experience for our valued guests. Phil's love for entertainment and music infuses his work with a unique blend of creativity and business acumen, creating an atmosphere that is both refined and enjoyable.

In addition to his impressive hospitality background, Phil has a proven track record in managing sponsorships and brand relations, establishing valuable partnerships. With his recent experience as an independent contractor, offering professional services for entertainment touring and production, Phil brings a diverse skill set to our establishment.

With Phil Agosta leading our team as General Manager, we are confident that our restaurant will continue to thrive as a premier destination for an intimate dining experience. His exceptional leadership skills, extensive industry knowledge, and commitment to excellence ensure that every guest enjoys a remarkable culinary experience.


Welcome to Syndicate Ferndale, a venerated family-operated business that has been years in the making. We are dedicated to bringing you a delightful dining experience by infusing fresh ideas and innovative approaches into our seasonal, locally focused menu. Inspired by the ever- changing world of cuisine, we constantly strive to redefine how ingredients can be enjoyed.

Introducing Our Kitchen Team

Ellen Taucher, Dana's mother, brings a wealth of experience from the restaurant industry, having successfully operated and managed multiple kitchens. Her expertise lies in implementing new recipes, creating order guides, and fostering strong relationships with purveyors.

Mary Elizabeth, Dana's Aunt, adds a great deal of creativity and worldly flavors to our culinary endeavors. With a deep passion for cooking, Mary finds solace and joy in feeding others, as it evokes cherished memories of home. From crafting fresh breads to creating culturally diverse plates with homemade dressings, she offers a unique and captivating culinary journey as you savor global flavors, taking you on an international trip for the senses.

Richard Taucher, Ellen's son, shares a close bond with his mother, forged through their shared love for cooking and food. Richie's dedication to culinary excellence is unparalleled, as he has spent the past eight years devoted to creating new menu items. His remarkable work ethic, integrity, and adaptability have made him an invaluable asset, providing a steadfast backbone to our kitchen operations. Whether in high-volume kitchens or small niche establishments, Richie's versatility shines through. Keep an eye out for his upcoming specialty menu, "Belly of the Beast," featuring heartier and more substantial plates.

While Dana and Richie's youngest brother Grant, is relatively new to the hospitality industry, he has rapidly advanced these past three years, impressing us all with his exceptional talent. Having quickly moved from prep to the line, Grant displays remarkable leadership qualities, inspiring those around him. A true team player, he eagerly embraces opportunities to learn and collaborate, proving himself as a dedicated asset. His ability to quickly grasp new concepts, coupled with resourcefulness and resilience, makes Grant an exceptional addition to our team.

Working as a family holds deep significance for us. It not only strengthens our bond but also creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere for our guests. We look forward to collaborating with our new team of servers, bartenders and staff, as we strive to cultivate the Syndicate Family-a community that extends beyond the kitchen and creates unforgettable dining experiences.

Join us at Syndicate Ferndale and embark on a culinary journey like no other. Together, we celebrate the interwoven theme of family, bringing you a dining experience that is truly exceptional.